Pollarding And The Zest For Life

Ein wunderbarer Frühlingsbericht meines Lieblingsgartenbloggers aus UK, David Marsden

The Anxious Gardener

Flowers are returning to the Priory … after selfishly leaving me all alone for long dank months.   Still, no hard feelings.


There are cautious whispers and murmurings as my fair-weather friends slowly heave themselves out of bed.

Snowdrops (1)

Beneath large oak and ash on the meadow, small pockets of snowdrops have returned.  I did wonder whether they’d bother; having been so rudely spiralled out of their original homes with a bulb planter.   Whilst the results won’t tickle you giddy, I hope that these few flowers are the outriders for a dense carpet.  One day.

Snowdrops (2)

On the bank below the greenhouses transplanted groups have re-appeared too.

Snowdrops (3)

They kept me waiting on this north facing slope and I was beginning to worry that something (voles?) had nibbled the bulbs.  But no, here they are.

rock border

There’s not a lot of crazy flower action in the Rock Border: snowdrops again, a keeled over Helleborus foetidus

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