First impressions with the „Nest Cam“
Let’s take a peek into our blackbird’s nest
Blackbird Nestcam

I am glad to present the very first pictures of my bird cam today. I installed a little endoscope camera from the brand Pearl above our blackbird’s nest. Our blackbird couple already tries for the 4th time to nest above a lamp from our carport. But the wild vine surrounding the nest, was not stable enough to carry the nest in the past three years . Because the carport is very close to the house, I managed to lay the cable along the carport through a window and inside an upstairs room. It is now connected to my pc and I have live bird cinema at home. The interesting part will be the hatch of the chicks, which will approximately occur within in 7 days. Let’s hope, that no woodpeckers, crows or magpies will find them this time.